Top Five Meals To Help You Burn Belly Fat.

  • You have that dinner you need to attend where
    you have already picked out your well fitted
    dinner gown but there goes the struggle of
    holding your stomach inside to achieve your
    hour glass figure. Apart from the discomfort you
    face, it is also not very appalling to the eyes.
    Most times, even after all the sit-ups at the gym
    all week, you are wondering why you still have
    that bulge. The food you eat contributes a great
    deal to this. Below are five foods that can
    actually help you work your way to a really flat
    Oatmeal: Any type of food that contains whole
    wheat fibre is definitely a plus. Another great
    fact is that it prevent heart diseases. This will
    only be effective by avoiding full cream milk and
    white sugar with your oats. Instead, spice it up
    with some bananas, berries, brown sugar or
    honey as a supplement for sugar.It tastes just as
    good. Fruits and Vegetables
    Fruits and Vegetables: The power of our fruits
    and vegetables should never be underestimated.
    There is no doubt that we hated those times when
    our parents would force us to eat our vegetables
    like our lives depended on it. Well, they were
    right. Fruits and vegetables contain fibre,
    potassium and vitamin c which maintains blood
    pressure and helps reduce cholesterol.
    Dark chocolates: According to a new study from
    the Department of Neuroscience, Division of
    Human Nutrition at the University of Tor Vergata
    in Rome, a study has revealed that dark
    chocolates can reduce the risk of heart diseases
    and can also reduce belly fat in the space of a
    week. This is definitely a plus to mark all that
    body fat out of your system.
    Almonds: This has been classified as one of the
    healthiest foods and definitely a criteria for
    weight loss. In addition, it also helps the nervous
    system and helps the brain function properly.
    You definitely want to stick to this.
    Green Tea: Green tea happens to be one of the
    healthiest beverages and contains antioxidant
    that fights toxins in the body. It also has some
    amounts of minerals which are helpful.
    Yogurt: Yogurt which is rich in protein contains
    amino acids which help burn fat. It is advised
    that Greek yogurt should be taken in this case
    rather than the processed ones that contain
    fattening milk.
    Also, to achieve the perfect results, stay away
    from foods like white bread, yam, garri etc. Try
    any of this five foods and you will be glad you