Scientists Close To Quicker Lassa Fever Diagnosis

lassa feverThe leader of a group of scientists says tackling the outbreak of Lassa Fever might be closer than imagined as his team has come up with a diagnosis that can diagnose Lassa fever virus within ten minutes.

‎Professor Christian Happi disclosed this at a forum in Ede, Osun State while speaking on new discoveries on Lassa virus.

Professor Christian Happi said that the new discoveries include a ten-minute rapid diagnostic test, neutralizing antibodies that inhibit Lassa fever virus while vaccines for the treatment of the virus are being worked upon.

He disclosed that using next generation sequencing, the research team has identified a signal of natural selection in human gene called LARGE in the Yoruba populations of southwest Nigeria that may be associated with protection to Lassa Fever Virus.

With careful hypothesis, Prof Happi believes that this could be key to the future Lassa Fever Vaccine.

Happi added that Africa needs to produce more scientists that will deal with emerging trends in health related issue.


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