Fibroid Specialist hospital open in Lagos

A specialist hospital for the treatment of fibroid  embolisation through Uterine has been established in Lagos .
According to media reports, The hospital  Cadarcrest , located in lagos has been admitting  patients for a cure for their aliment.
 Speaking with newsmen , The medical director of Cadarcrest Hospitals Ltd, Dr. Felix Ogedegbe said the new hospital was established in the state to stem the increasing rate of Nigerians traveling out of the country to seek medical treatment.
Home grown solution
 He said, “We have believed and continued to believe that Nigerians do not need to go through the rigours and attendant risks of travelling abroad to access high quality healthcare. Having trained and worked in other more advanced parts of the world and seen that Nigerian form part of the best crop of doctors worldwide, we undertook to come back home to establish Cadarcrest Hospitals.”
The medical expert explained that plans are afoot to expand the 20 bed facility in the specialist hospital to 100 bed facility that can accept helicopters and bring trauma patients into the hospital.  
The scope of fibroid embolisation 
 Harping on treatment of Fibroids, he said, Uterine Fibroids Embolisaztion (UFE) is the modern way of looking after fibroid, saying,” fibroid is very common amongst Black women,  we are getting a lot of women coming in to have this procedure done. 
“In doing fibroid embolization, women who have fibroid, they can have a needle passed through their blood vessel to get to the fibroids and those fibroids are then burnt there. Certain items are put on the fibroid over few weeks to month, all the fibroids burnt are melt away so woman do not need to have open operation to have the fibroid removed anymore.  We have done many in our Abuja hospital. 
“It is safe and the patient we have done this for go home on the same day of the operation or the next day. So they don’t need blood transfusion, they don’t need big surgery, big expanse of surgery, risk of infection, long stay in the hospital and all of those things that the traditional fibroid operation comes with this is safe and proven to be beneficial to lots of women”.

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