The Lagos State Chapter, Nutrition Society of
Nigeria (NSN) has told Nigerians to boost their
immunity, they would need to eat more fruits
and vegetables in their diets.
The Chairperson of the society, Dr Abimbola Ajayi
said this at the World Breastfeeding Week and
inauguration of the Lagos State chapter on
Ajayi revealed that the virus attacks the immune
system, which defends the human body from virus
She said: “Since there is no known cure presently for the
disease, the goal of nutrition care therefore, is to protect
and boost the immunity among other care provided for
affected persons.
“People must ensure that they take foods that are high
antioxidants, majorly foods rich in vitamins and minerals
in their daily meals.
First Consultants Medical Center Releases
Statement On Their Time With Patrick Sawyer
“Take yellow fruits, red fruits and vegetables to boost
immunity and fight Ebola Virus in the country,’’ she said.
The National President of the Society, Prof.
Ngozi Nnam was also at the event and said: “We
need the support of governments, relations, families and
the community to promote exclusivebreast feeding to
achieve high breastfeeding rate.
“Breast milk is the ideal food for newborns and infants
and we need to raise awareness on the importance of
right nutrition in the first 1,000 days of life.’
According to the latest figures from the World
Health Organization (WHO), 1,350 people are now
believed to have died from the Ebola virus, which
has been raging in the region since March.
The WHO said it was concerned that families were
hiding infected loved ones in the belief they will
be more comfortable dying at home.


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